Thursday, February 16, 2012

American Chinese women have stylish carrying a bouquet of flowers to and a giant heart in search of a handsome traffic cop that invited him to dine with him the love holiday 14 / 2.

Now the beautiful people are also reluctant to invest for her boyfriend screen epic search. A beautiful young woman who Chongqing has been determined by looking for a guy handsome traffic police that his long desire to go out for Valentine less solitary.
 In the stylish costumes, accompanied by "accessory" is a new Audi A5 Coong, carrying a very large and beautiful flowers, girls headed to the front door business center of Chongqing, China and waiting "dream lover" to appear. She does not hesitate to openly express their goals as present a giant heart in front of the car with the words: "Find .... single traffic police, high, handsome, sophisticated Valentine's dinner together. " As if to confirm his target, who also wrote beautiful letters on the balloons forced the car "I just married to the traffic police."
Do not know him to withdraw the traffic police have no right to standards of beauty "candidates" or not, but many pedestrians had to linger to admire and broth "beautiful and this condition must hard to find the love is? 


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