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Placed on the map name, riding cars silver billion, more "extended" collective toe into the world "elite". Believe in the glamor of the "extended bubble" many "beloved woman" gullibility to fall into pitfalls and consequences bitter to lose money, energy ...

"Remove the cake" ... Citrus money
Many people who were considered too extravagant forehead, full use map genuine, nice ride ... a "university"And consequent these guys bring not small for those who miss sticky traps.
Once, in the story "tea wine post-balance" your new man, the name P. (Home of Bac Ninh) suddenly clapping the thighs Bangladesh, when suddenly remembered the story I laugh out loud about their "golden age" of his.
Earlier, when he was director of business specializes in providing equipment for some provincial education, business wear marks, so the game does P. Wipe well, gong to the wharf. So, droves of making money, and assets to accumulate the years of the couple, P. baked into the game. In a drink, P. having an "extended" famous Saigon town. Of course, the Master of the trip to the North, the great country does not forget to "axillary steal" more feet long, had already been branded with the provincial beauty contest.
Fortunately for P. he complained of performance pay has not been E240 bank foreclosure, plus a couple hundred million driven back by "putting" country house in a hurry. P. chest leaned his arm on the table together "explosion" to the dock. And when the game had ended, that does not have the opportunity to do business with this great country, P. the way "hot" guy's girlfriend, the beautiful vaguely sports or travel something.
Finally, the purpose of the P. also achieved. After a few phones, few gifts with meals, he also draws the beautiful people. So thought P. there is a great country ... number, so the origin of Nam's innocent beauty he heard "singing" honeyed words. After a passionate night, the beautiful to the account number and gently remind P. "Loaded" couple dozen "bottles" to the card. But, wait forever, not that account "floating", call it P.not listen to the machine, the beautiful new thought, the guy is just a "great country" ... bubble.
Iron from their hunt ...
According to her H. (Dong Da district, Hanoi), not long ago, she sat drinking coffee on the street suddenly Kim Lien is a handsome man, charming to get acquainted. Through the introduction, this person named L., overseas Vietnamese in France, was far away for decades, only now have the opportunity to visit and want you to H. y take some time to visit Hanoi. Just by being idle, plus the friendliness of L. she accepted. In response, L. she offered to donate a dress anniversary of the first meeting. No slightest hesitation, Ms. H. up to a taxi with fellow famous fashion stores on the street.
With a caring attitude, he choose a white dress, very nice and told her to try. Rejoice with the new dress, name branded goods worth nearly 4 million, from the locker room come out, she H. surprised when used with the new boyfriend of her bags had not wiped out. Ask the salesperson, it is known, the person holding bags containing tablets Ipad, Iphone phone and about 10 million of her cash H. when she went out into the dressing. Because they thought were a pair, so the security guards were not making health care to go any direction. Dogs bitter, she H. quietly go about that call, one dare not for fear of embarrassment.
Fall into the same situation, N. (Native of Thanh Hoa) and it took us a new SH has been hard for parents to buy. Story is, before the Chinese New Year Dragon a month Ren, N. be acquainted with a friend on the network. Then they contact each other by text message and phone. Days more passionate affection. Before Tet both decided to meet.
That day, N. the new boyfriend to go eat, buy some kind of gift. That night, while sitting drinking coffee on the West lake romantic, surprise your guy get the car N. say go buy cigarettes because there is no consistency.But a few hours later, both cars and people you just met SH did not return. Although, N. was on the police report, but assumed name on the outside and flashy, handsome Choe, N. does not know anything more about this guy cheated.
The lessons ... Beginner
I remember not long ago, City Public Security. Hanoi arrested a fake object of the big boss, make a lot of scams, asking for money in Hanoi, Hai Phong and Hai Duong. The culprit is Ho Anh Tuan (SN 1980), residing in Ngo Quyen District, Hai Phong.
He spent a long time specialist was found on the website of the State agencies, large enterprises on the Internet and recorded names, ages and addresses of the head. After that the son claiming the senior leader on, he found the companies, small branches attached units to ask for money, fraud.
When Tuan checked bag and personal effects inside a notebook enrollment, age, address, phone number multiple of the leaders of central agencies, localities and enterprises in many provinces. With tricks of posing as the big boss the power sector, construction industry has made him trot lot about 13 scams, asking for money in Hanoi, Hai Phong and Hai Duong. Indeed, Tuan is no job object, is now in Hai Phong. Since there is no money to pay gambling debts so that he would have done the above behavior.
In 2011, Hanoi police also caught Dao Van Duong (25 in Kim Bang district, Ha Nam) with the "trophy" sold seven young women aged 17-24 to China. This is typically impersonate Tuan, cafe owners large, trading agents and electronic goods from China to Vietnam.
Thanks to his generosity and money, many girls were in a trap. Then, he put the girls to China sell for about 30,000 yuan (approximately 90 million Vietnam dong). With the label "extended" Ha Thanh lived across the border, Yang took advantage of trade relations in Po Chai, China to set up a women's line purchase of storing into prostitution.
Surely many people have mentioned a portrait of "extended" fraud bubble with victories up to tens of billion VND. The character is none other than Le Man Body (33, Trung Van commune, Tu Liem district, Hanoi). In the name of investment company shares petroleum Petroconex real estate, based in Quan Hoa ward, Cau Giay District, abusing the trust of customers, relatives 5 billion of a deposit in Dong Da district, to buy 5 lots of land in urban projects An Hung, Ha Dong district, Hanoi, commitment, after 15 days, buyers will sign contracts with investors. In addition, the body receiving the four others, pocketed nearly 14 billion. But it is all fraud of "extended" bubble.
Because, when working with partners, Body always shown as an "extended" with luxury villas, cars money bill and have relationships with many VIPs. Trust because of its high body, many people have given money to buy land projects. However, after receiving money from the "partner", then hiding the whole body holding.
Before the dock, Body admitted collecting money from the victim. This amount, for defendants declare diplomatic costs, food consumption. In addition to overcome the 5 billion to the victims, the amount remaining from the appropriation until the body was arrested within two months has "evaporated". In late 2011, City People's Court. Hanoi Le Man Body sentenced to life imprisonment on charges of fraudulent appropriation of property.


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