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Nearly a year after the terror 11/03/2011, Yuko Sugimoto - covered woman standing before husbandry wreckage in the photo is seen as a symbol of Japan tsunami - still need time to get used to life after a disaster.

Yuko standing where her image was recorded. Her image has become a symbol for the horrors of Japanese tsunami 03/11/2011.
The woman in the photo blanket stand boss, looking far away, with prominent anxiety anxious face. Behind her is a pile of rubble, quake aftermath of the tsunami in Japan on 03.11.2011. Characters in the picture that she Yuko Sugimoto, 29 years old.
Her image photographed by Tadashi Okubo issue of Yomiuri Shimbun photographed, and is transmitted throughout the world in the days after the tragic disaster. Images whose power lay people's hearts, reflecting what the real earthquake, the tsunami on 11/3 has caused the people of Japan. The disaster claimed the lives of about 20,000 people and devastated the land of the rising sun, including the village of Ishinomaki, Yuko Sugimoto her hometown.
Her photographs Yuko is transmitted around the world and can comfortably lay your hearts.
The photo was taken about 7 am on 13.03.2011, when Yuko are finding their way to nursery school, where boys learn Raito. Two days after the earthquake tsunami, she has not found his beloved son, and the nursery school was partially submerged and all around the rubble.
Yuko recalled: "At that time, I thought only about 50% chance for my son. Some people tell me that kids in kindergarten that was saved, but others say that children who saw the tsunami swept away. "
Ms. Yuko born and raised in Ishinomaki city is known for fishing, but was devastated in the earthquake, tsunami terror on 11/3 last year. With 3,800 people dead, this is the city that suffered the greatest disaster of the year.
Yuko and her son.
Yuko recall, earthquakes occur when she was riding the beverage distributors. At that time, she tried desperately to get to school, where boys learn, but then forced to flee, and to spend the night in the car. The next day, she met her husband. The couple began looking for her son. Initially traveling by car, but after all petrol and her husband seek their bike. Yuko husband then found a small boat and have time to open your child's school, but did not see anyone there. The next day, the happy news to her husband when she heard her son and the other was military aid.
Yuko tells her: "When I saw Light in the corner, I cried a lot and I no longer see anything anymore." She ran to hug his son, checking limbs, her body, the familiar smell the body of his son. She hugged me tightly and thanked heaven and earth.
Nearly a year after the terrible disaster of the Japanese people, rubble, rubbish has been cleared, but Yuko and families still need to have time to get used to life after the tsunami.
Her husband built the house four years ago was flooded almost to the second floor, most of the improvements which have been washed away. Still $ 310,000 debt to pay her husband of 31 years. Now her family lived in a rented house, but will expire next year. If you want to return to the old house, would have meant that construction and renovation of a lot.
Yuko said: "I love the sea, but not once does the sea since the disaster. I still want to live in Ishinomaki, but far from the sea. "
Despite debt, but Yuko has changed his mind. Previously, she worked even during leisure time, but now she was off work to spend time with family. Yuko said: "Now, every passing day are very precious to me. I find time for family is important. Relationships in my family now more closely since the disaster. " Yuko understand that despite losing their homes and possessions, but she and the family is lucky to even survive.
Both mother and daughter Yuko is burned incense for dogs died during the earthquake, tsunami last year. Photo taken on 22/2.
Boy Raito revisit the old school. In front of the school that read: "Thank you, please come forward."
The watch died in the disaster day in a kindergarten destroyed.
They were then re-visit their home.
Inside the house was destroyed.
He visited the Light of his room.
Flooding until the 2nd floor.
Both mother and daughter Yuko her home.



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