Friday, February 24, 2012

An Arabian Business has published a list of richest people in the Arab world, with dominance in the number of billionaires from Saudi Arabia.

A. Prince Alwaleed of Saudi Arabia
Assets: 21.3 billion.
Location: Saudi Arabia.
Although descended from "notable noble" but Prince Alaweed not only live in velvet, enjoy life. He is a business, an investment genius, is the owner of Kingdom Zephyr Africa Management Company, the company is planning to build world's tallest building Kingdom Tower in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia ).
Two. Mohamed Al Jaber
Assets: 12.75 billion.
Location: Saudi Arabia.
Mohamed Al Jaber is the boss of MBI International. The company employ up to 9,000 people, are spread across the three continents. Mr. Jaber also known as a great philanthropist.
3. Olayan family
Assets: 12.4 billion.
Location: Saudi Arabia.
Olayan Group is a multi-functional group was founded in 1947 by Sulaiman S. Olayan. This group of business many areas such as food, insurance, electricity. The Olayan Group owns more than 50 subsidiaries.
4. Issam Alzahid
Assets: 10.7 billion.
Location: Saudi Arabia.
Issam Alzahid now president Alzahid Group of Companies, many business corporations such as oil field, construction ...
Five. Mohammed Al Amoudi
Assets: U.S. $ 10.4 billion.
Location: Saudi Arabia.
Mohammed Al Amoudi business entrepreneurs in construction and real estate. Currently, he is managing the Corral Group and Midroc Group, which invests in oil industry.
6. Al Kharafi family
Assets: 8.7 billion.
Location: Kuwait.
Nasser Kharafi, who founded the MA Kharafi and Sons, who died last year. The son continued his inheritance and development company. One of the outstanding business of the group Al Kharafi family is food.
7. Bukhamseen family
Assets: 7.25 billion.
Location: Kuwait.
Jawad Bukhamseen Commercial Corporation was founded by Jawad Ahmed Bukhamseen 1957. The Bukhamseen family company has a stake in First Gulf Bank and Kuwait International Bank.
8. Bin Ladin family
Assets: $ 7.2 billion.
Location: Saudi Arabia.
The Bin Ladin family company was founded by Mohammed Bin Ladin, is now considered the largest construction companies Saudi Arabia, with a staff of up to 10,000 people.
9. Family Bughsan
Assets: $ 7 billion.
Location: Saudi Arabia.
Ahmed Salem Group Bughsan Bughsan family was originally a steel company, was founded in 1923. The corporation now has branches, including cosmetics.
10. Said Khoury
Assets: $ 6.5 billion.
Location: Palestine.
Consolidated Contractors International Company by Said Khoury founded in 1952 as a company known for building the Arab world.


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