Monday, February 27, 2012

News agency Toronto Star said at least three people died and several others injured after a train derailed off the tracks near the town of Burlington, Ontario Province, Canada.

The source said, the train crashed at 20:30 hours GMT (3:30 this morning Vietnam time). A picture of the newspaper Toronto Star Canada's post shows images of sprawling train after the accident, in which a car off the rails, the other car crashed into a nearby building after being ordered and 4-wheel wagons were tipped.
The carriages were tipped after the accident.
A spokesman for the Canadian railway industry, Michelle LaMarche, said 75 passengers were on board to go from Niagara Falls to Toronto at its capital in distress this morning. All those killed were identified as employees working in the prescription train locomotives.
Information about the accident was the mayor of the town of Burlington, Ontario certification. Mayor Rich said Goldring, the rescuers are rushing to rescue passengers trapped inside a mess of the carriages. The ambulances and two medical helicopters were also sent to duty at the scene to take passengers to the emergency room were injured.
The number of injured people still can not determine, because many people still trapped in the car. One concern, the death toll could rise after all the passengers are found. We still can not determine the cause of the crash on.
Just days earlier, a train accident other serious has happened in America, leaving 49 people killed and hundreds injured. Accordingly, a train in Buenos Aires, Argentina was unable to stop when the last station and the system crashed into fence rails right at the end of rush hour. The case has made ​​many carriages which were overlapped and severely damaged, together with nearly 700 casualties.


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