Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Before the reveal unexpected Tuyet Lan about her thinking that she was "playing bad, dim row" , the judges of the Nigeria's Next Top Model season has quietly responded with the argument plausible.

On his personal, Ha I've shared a lot of messages and receive the love of the friends who are interested in things to contest Nigeria's Next Top Model and whether or not conversation Hoang Thuy, Tuyet Lan participants performed at New York Fashion Week.
Messages are transmitted is thought of Ha He wrote: "You dear Tuyet Lan, she will not accept my pick because you're too young age and so, you are absolutely right to expect that they have time to change ways of thinking and way of life before it's too late. She also did not feel sad for a while "to go" will not regret it. But the way you say her groove subjective speculation perhaps now they still was very shocked because a "little country house" as Xuanzang victory not it?
To her analysis helps you relieve psychological and know why I did not win Hsuan too (if not excluded Thu Hien, if and Thu Thuy Thanh Hoa just 175cm high, with the development of children program, with photos of children, with the style of my work is also not sure I get into where to position 2).

- First, I do not have health, strength, willpower professional - you or crying, complaining, afraid of heat, cold fear, afraid of hard ... Do you know that as a professional model, and even hope to stand in foreign markets you need to have independence and will, tremendous discipline or not? Monday, despite the economic experience than you in the contest, I determined not to receive any comments, taught by experts, the jury. I do not forget, part comment on the photos, she is not only review and evaluation of my photos slightly.Besides also many other professionals such as designers, photographers, representing brands ... I think everyone comments on my photo of the "victimization" and "bad play" me? And yet, despite these comments, I always pose unique smooth style on the left side tilt. Do you know a foreign photographers to call you the "One pose wonder" do not you? - On the catwalk level of children, many times people have to train my comments catwalk simple manner according to international standards, then I dress a cartridge roll to the right, left lateral dress in the style of Vietnam which Family is my number one security ever. - So in terms of "receptive", I think I will get some points? - Again, a person selected to be the Next Top Model who really have passion, and efforts to achieve labor position this. Do you remember how many times you leave the gym tired while HT is painstakingly go it alone? Remember the times you want to take away the top 3 that two kids cry Spa tired not even go alone HT disciplined? Do you remember when you tell them to wear a bikini to go try it out on stage rehearsals matchmaking firm then I take away? While you know when she happened to see the toilet struggling HT set a mirror in it before? Do you remember in the days of Henri Hubert catwalk collection with you just stood still refuses to file by just to say "Do you know they are there is a chance that so many young girls are dreaming, it is trained by the leading experts in the industry. So that why they do not have little enthusiasm, energy at all ".

- Finally, a winner's Next Top Model in the jury's criteria must also be a live and work in mind. Do you remember what she taught me when you see you have an attitude incompatible with the logistics crew around him, "They must learn to respect and appreciation of everyone, including those who brought me water to drink, know hello to all those who do small things around us most, because they are contributing factors for each individual, like you, can shine. There is a bright one as their first "; Do you remember when sister, Duc Hai all 3 kids to interview her about another third, while speaking to HT all the positive things about you, you then have processed Shui opened his mouth too low, because the model does not have low HT too large hydro-processing, have not found any sample to as HT. 
Do you know when you see and hear them, in the beginning she is analyzing anything? If you're still concerned again when the stars do not on the spot, let them focus on the timer when you and Huyen Trang posed on stage, in terms of diversity, expression, body ... confidence, the shine ... Do not you agree? And finally, 3 weeks ago when you host an event that one voted me as Babe of the year, she proudly introduced him on stage as a her his little pupil, and she walked on stage with a smile on the lips; I also thank her in front of everyone, and reporters, said that it stood proudly shared the stage with a sister, a teacher, as she ... did not know then, I have to "mortification" when speaking those words not Miss A, you still young, they have the potential, but you keep from staying true to his age, from from which employees strive to make room for his achievement. Children achieve success not necessarily by trample others. I am a beautiful girl, tall, good nature, you should be confident up times lighter and use their strengths in place. Wishing you have more experience and more success.

It can be seen, in the event noise of China's Next Top Model, Ha Anh is relatively calm and bravery. She continued to make timely messages with words sharp and easy to make the public is convinced. However, with all that is happening, the public wondered, who argue about what the purpose is. Is it a way to promote the fashion industry, model development of Vietnam, contributing to the fashion industry or just shot another advantage to satisfy the ego itself, of the parties that aggressive through which the public even more fed up of people who do the entertainment, fashion Vietnam. Perhaps, until now this story Lan Tuyet, Hoang Thuy engaged New York fashion week or not is not so important question to readers who are interested and wish to find answers. Who, What, and lose nothing after all the messy, that's the question that those who were fighting to sit close to count.


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