Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Suzuli Hayabusa's engine is mounted F14 aircraft, capable of "jet fire", is a product of the American engineer named Tony Pandolfo.

If you are a believer in two-wheel secondary damage, you can not know the name Suzuki Hayabusa, the car was a "king" in the village of motorcycles in the world with maximum speed up to 307 km / h (recorded , 2007).
Even some version of a super motorcycle nicknamed "Eagle" also has a maximum speed can reach up to 325 km / h. However, it seems that the parameter is not impressive enough to please Tony Pandolfo, a former athlete rowing Americans.
54-year-old man in Orlando (Florida, USA) decided to "plot" really an engine block from F14 aircraft (fighter aircraft was the pride of the U.S. military) for the word "eagle "his combative.
With total expenses to about $ 60,000, a deficit of motor he had turned into a "beast" with a roar like a jet plane. Even the car has the ability to fire in the exhaust jet made many car players have fascinated the world.
Share your unique truck, Tony said it is not difficult to control than a conventional scooter. You just buzzing and enjoy the feeling of everyone was behind him is watching your car.
Tony did not disclose the maximum speed that his car may have been, but it only adds torque of 300 lb-ft and easily accelerate from 0-100 km / h. In addition, he also sought to limit its power to ensure the safety of traffic on the street.
Also because of that terrible power, not hard to understand Tony's car explode "like drinking water fuel", fuel consumption is 47 ltr per 100 km.
Praising his hand cars that "manufactured" out, Tony Pandolfo said: "Anyone can drive a scooter can control it. It's like a regular Hayabusa, except the roar of a jet plane. "
"I've seen many supercars or super motorcycles but never of heard the sound I was so excited."
"Many people told me that they felt was floating every time you hear the sound. I myself was a private person but when I sat on that bike, I feel like people see me as a movie star so. "
Tony is currently selling her super mopeds for $ 100,000, even promising that he was ready to jet engines fitted to any motorcycle if the customer needs.


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