Sunday, February 26, 2012

Promotion stimulus

To stimulate the market, many enterprises producing and assembling cars in the country as well as the official importer of some car manufacturers have launched promotions and incentives to attract tourists on their side.
Opened the first car company to move to stimulate the market as Mercedes-Benz Vietnam and programs for customers to buy new C-Class and E-Class from now until the end of the month 2/2012 at the authorized dealer of Mercedes-Benz Vietnam nationwide. Each car will receive customer support 3% fee.
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Do not stand at the race this round customer support, Toyota Vietnam launched the program "Free car insurance for Fortuner" in networks of TMV dealers nationwide for all customers who purchase and receive Fortuner (line V, G and TRD Sportivo).
Accordingly, the customer pays in full and received Fortuner (line V, G and TRD Sportivo) in the agent system of TMV in on time will get 2 years free insurance typically physical (including security material vehicle insurance, car theft and the entire water hammer) 2 years' compensation insurance for the driver and passengers (at 100 million / person) and 1-year liability insurance for third third (50 million for the property or per person / service) ...
Ford Vietnam to the car company has just launched promotions to stimulate both increased price.Besides the new price for many cars, Ford Vietnam has also done promotions, discounts with discounts of at least 18.5 million for Focus 2.0 AT car and at most 53 million for Mondeo 2.3 with February and March.
In addition, the company was able to apply a 14.2% interest rate fixed in the first 6 months. The program applies to 31/3, for cars 2.0P Focus, Escape 4x2, Everest 4x2MT, Transit, Escape 4x4.

BYD Vietnam is no exception to the rule when launching new car buyers to support bank lending up to 70% of the vehicles for a period of up to 4 years. In addition, customers will receive discounts from 13-20 million to buy vehicles from 15/2 - 15/4/2012.
This is just the first move in a campaign of car stimulus in Vietnam, difficult business situation will make the remaining automakers launched several more promotions afternoon to salvage the situation somewhat bleak at present.

Many "barriers"
Domestic automobile market is witnessing "market-dimensional scene," the registration fee, registration fee and vehicle plate number increases since early this year and many car manufacturers have difficulty with the number of car sales plummeted. Recently, Ho Chi Minh City has also proposed increasing vehicle registration fees less than 10 seats to 20% from the date of 07.01.2012, instead of 15% today (a new application from a / 1/2012).
In particular, Hanoi has been done to "clean" vehicles in keeping the streets 262 of 9 districts have also led many to own a car intended to "shrink" step.
Hoang Minh (Hoai Duc, Hanoi, Vietnam) share, taxes and fees to own a car made him rise hesitate when deciding to "pick" a Toyota Vios. But by the distance to 20 km bodies, so he decided to end of January will buy a car. However, last week the parking lot near his body was no longer, if you want to send away to go about 2 miles so he decided to continue moving "dream" to own a car.

As well as looking uncomfortable around car parks, Mai Anh - a newspaper reporter based Cau Giay district, lamented: "The work force yourself to move many places, if you go to meetings in hotels also help, but now to meet in the ministries had no car parking, let alone elsewhere ... Many times late to meetings or appointments wrong time to look around just for keeping the car. Sure I'll have to go back to the motorcycle to "maneuver" in work ".
Not only with the "barriers", if the proposed application fees for circulation facilities and personalautomobile expenses go into the city center rush hour is applied, the burden of costs for car owners will fill as much, leading to consumer psychology will delay buying a car.


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