Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"velvet high speed trains", the Bentley Continental Flying Spur's "elected" Kien is capable of accelerating from 0-100 km / h in 5.2 seconds before reaching a top speed most 312 km / h.

Bentley Continental Flying Spur 56P plates are parked in front yard Rows of Kien elected.
If you regularly to see the club field Rows of Hanoi game, you'll find a new Bentley parked at the door are always on the ground. Supercar worth over 10 billion VND (price in Vietnam) named Bentley Continental Flying Spur wore a black outfit mysterious cause any believer cars always silly to ignore. The mystery driver was under the ownership of a mystery man no less - said Nguyen Duc Kien - football club chairman Hanoi.
Born in 2005, Bentley Continental Flying Spur model inspired by the original GT coupe, equipped with engine block W12 twin supercharged, 6.0 liter capacity engine produced 552 horsepower at 6100 revolutions / min and maximum torque of 650 Nm, maximum speed up to 312 km / h and acceleration from 0-100 km / h in 5.2 seconds properly.
Been nicknamed "velvet train" - this supercar to cost over $ 500,000 to Vietnam when the
4-seat sedan, 4 door car is one of the most popular because of Bentley high applicability as well as great driving experience that it brings because not everyone likes supercars "big cats "like Ferrari or Lamborghini, especially in the road conditions like in Vietnam. That was the reason why Kien elected - a successful entrepreneur, selected brand Bentley.
Be priced around $ 200,000 but when introduced to Vietnam, Hanoi club boss or anyone who wants to own a "hell drivers" must spend an amount not less than $ 500,000 (over 10 billion), all taxes.
No cause "overwhelmed" to the user by styling "other people" as the Lamborghini car or large bulky as the "hometown" Rolls-Royce (also a car that's extremely popular giants like Vietnam) Bentley Continental Flying Spur strong scores in the luxury and the perfect driving experience.
With a car like that, you will not find another little difficulty when driving at speeds above 200 km / h.
There is a fairly similar between Rolls-Royce and Bentley is sitting inside the cabin, the driver will feel like you're floating on cloud nine with absolute silence, despite the noisy street to what extent or the car is running at 200 km / h. This helps elect Kien can retreat to think about the business plan or team situation because even if the weapons are on the road.
If, however, as with Rolls-Royce, it was like to sit in the back seat to enjoy the surf town with Bentley, the user must manually driving the new see all the "happy" when sitting in a car super. Perhaps so that the football club boss Hanoi usually drive yourself, instead of a chauffeur as the other bosses.
On the accelerator, you will not get the feeling "rage", the sound of engines roaring jet type model that only Lamborghini or Ferrari engine that weighs 2.5 tons of iron horse is "lethargy" pop up and all first glance you're with dizzying speed. This supercar, showing that the character of Kien elected: slowly but surely and decisively.
Powerful W16 engine block of the Bentley Continental Flying Spur.
Step into the cabin, you will see why characters such as Kien elected willing to spend tens of billions "Corinthians" on his garage a Bentley. The interiors of the car are leather (including ceiling), wood-paneled with precious metal lines only very delicate nose.
Estimated to have enough raw skin panels for a Bentley, one would have "killed" about 11 cows and 125 hours they work manually continuum of skilled workers in Britain.
Particularly wood used on this car to a long walnut wood is imported from California (USA) and undergo sophisticated processing stages such as braces, dry annealed, polished and coated with lacquer before when sill facing up and the car's dashboard.
However, the emphasis of this luxury car interior is extremely luxurious. It shows the player's level car
There is a hanging position information to be fairly sophisticated level of this stage all that is out of 2500 engineers, experts and employees of the Bentley, up to 1,000 people specialize in the processing of wood, leather and furniture of the vehicle.
A number that can be made many people feel "stunned" when the "drinking gasoline" supercar up to approximately 40 liters / 100 km of road conditions in Vietnam (although consumption published fuel only about 20 liters / 100 km).  
And fuel consumption "terrible" made many of its owners have "distorted face." But the election is certainly an exception Kien


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