Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Eating attention and stand out in spring-summer party nights, with two criteria simple but very necessary that silver Supermodel Gia Vietnam Hoang Ngoc and Asia Beauty competition restore shine to bring Fiona Pham for your suggestion can not be ignored.

 According to Fiona Pham, a tight short dress with striking colors really easy to make you stand out from the crowd. The colors like red, orange is the choice not to be missed. With high-hugging short dresses on the pillow, the girls can show off long legs free man of his confidence.
 No ton - sur-ton, but the costume black guy will come along with the food you choose girls dress like Fiona.
 Choose clothing style ser-ton-ton, not to say, people will think that you are a second pair.
 Lightly cross-dress up for girls who love the soaring, romantic.
 In this case, depending on the color of your clothes girl that the boys choose their own outfits y.Theo eating Royal Jade, ser-ton-ton and food ideas are the simplest way.
Images made with the assistance of expert makeup make-up Donald Nguyen, costumes Istyle.
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