Wednesday, February 15, 2012

When the heating system in the Volvo broken, in Switzerland Pascal Prokop he decided to replace it with a wood burning fireplace to withstand cold weather in Europe.

He Pascal Prokop heater installed in your car.
When all Europe are gong Their skin endure the cold cut meat cutting, the driver is advised to be careful when making long trips. The driver and passengers to prepare Even the flashlight, blankets, food, boots, thermos bottle and a map, to encounter in case of snow storms.
Chimney Volvo through the ceiling.
Tuy nhiên, that does not make you feel preoccupied Pascal, because-he had inserted a whole wood burning fireplace in the Volvo 240 car of His life in 1990. The man in Zurich, Switzerland is in the front passenger seat out and put in a metal stove . Besides, he was opaque to the roof through the chimney insert mà. Although improved vehicle looks quite dangerous and can cause Fires, but Switzerland has licensed the Volvo Officials of Pascal is from the road.
 Clip car mount fireplace.



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