Friday, February 24, 2012

Filled with joy and happiness, bright 23/2, Phan Dinh Tung groom pull "great army" down home girl from Vietnam in Long Xuyen (An Giang).

In "Army" is more farmers have realized the "Generals" is the composer Nguyen Hong Thuan, Nguyen Van Chung as a groomsmen, musicians young private e-waste Nguyen Dan delegation uptight bonds carry the raw the girl turned to the pig ceremony for bride.
 The happy kisses show of Nigeria for Thai Ngoc Bich bride.
Gate both girls experienced the red carpet to pick your brother and bridegroom. The ceremony took place quickly and neighbor from. Everyone would like to wish this young couple a happy and successful future. And perhaps this is an appropriate time to groom show "sweet lips" in his encouragement of her children of two families. He sent a lot of kissing the bride.
In both their reception, the groom said: "I delighted in An Giang made-in-law, a charming waterfront area have given me a beautiful wife and cute. Thank you all did for us in favor of a formal wedding and meaning like this. "
And to express his feelings, and Thai Phan Dinh Tung Ngoc Bich has performed a song by musician Nguyen Hong Thuan written specifically to celebrate the happy day two.
 The groom also spend a kiss dearly for both her grandfather.
 Musician Nguyen Hong Thuan, Nguyen Van Chung and Nguyen Dan with them the boy had accompanied the procession festivals Phan Dinh Tung oil on the City
 Two parents of the bride, groom
Fireworks and kisses.


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