Thursday, February 16, 2012

3 feet long famous Ngoc Trinh, Hoang Yen and Yen Pages has a sensation with a calendar heated to release the pictures interesting scenes. This is a project of the beautiful people to label energy drinks Samurai.

Samurai 2012 calendar image attention on the market in recent years ...
In white dress young and sexy just pure definition but equally hot, three showed good idea to honor outstanding physical beauty of women with the message "Happy spring overflowing vitality ". This calendar will not sell but only displayed and distributed free in cafes across the country.
A rather more interesting scenes is revealed, this is probably consuming the calendar even though most of the clothes shoot, model appears quite "economical fabric." Explain this one work crew, said: "The beauty always have to change clothes in the water shoot up the Samurai. That was the hardest shoot. To achieve perfection, He Rajip Gupta, Creative Director of Grey Group has requested a model to capture so many times to capture the new happy. "
The beautiful people always have to change clothes in the water shoot up the Samurai ...
He Rajip Gupta, also share more: "The presence of the second most famous Vietnamese showbiz in the shoot sexy and provocative, we hope to make a difference, a class of their own with guests customers when choosing the calendar year. When the calendar hit the market, certainly there will be multi-dimensional response from our customers but we believe that this will be a unique history and the most sought-after in the year. The birth of hot spring schedule to honor Vietnamese women form in 2012 will be the beginning for "model" new calendar millions of Vietnamese are expected to spring a Tet-like thing that Pirelli, Kingfisher has done in the world ".
This 2012 calendar Samurai released 20,000 copies, is presented and distributed free in cafes across the country. The entire calendar and the scenes, video clips are posted at the site was launched on 20.02.2012 here.



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