Thursday, February 16, 2012

long sweaters, coats or thin socks the girls began to get more in the spring weather and combined in a lovely style.

Elongated sweater girls always bring charm, youthful, but just enough to keep warm. You can wear a sweater with black pants or pants all have all textures, combined with high-heeled shoes or boots are very nice
Sweater boots + shorts + short beef stock, a distribution map is extremely personality out in the streets or going out with friends
The costume is suitable for corporate environments or important appointments
All thin legs began more prevalent in the spring, it makes you more attractive and sexy girls wearing short skirts
Combine style dress with jacket mezzanine class
Although the weather was much warmer, but not so long that the jacket had been hastily "boycott"
The sleeveless gown, gown wide, trench coat or jacket with bright colors, very young and lovely



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