Tuesday, February 28, 2012

When the canaries began branch radiating flower colors caress you on the street it's time to think, what to choose colors for spring summer.

Along with green, yellow is the color favored view of the fashion house in the country. Gold was chosen for its looks bright, radiant and its always fresh. To the ancient Egyptians, yellow as their favorite color. Yellow is a feeling of fun, stimulating you always happy and full of energy for a new day.
Yellow to coordinate with other colors. White gold is a combination of gentle, romantic ...
An alibaba pants style shirt worn with the bright yellow flowers, you have her become a dynamic and fashionable in the eyes of others already!
 The gown like this little fact is you do grace adorned only. Do you see the yellow dress is not very easy mix?
Evening dress to the flowers, little yellow highlighted, you will be confident and stand out in gala.
A little gold accents the waist as for her stylish and personality.
Images made with the assistance of expert make-up Donarld Nguyen Cong Khanh costume designers, models Hang Nguyen.


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