Thursday, February 16, 2012

The popularity of these new weapons - combat aircraft unmanned - the payroll of the U.S. military has created a new war strategy under the black president Barack Obama.

Defense Minister Leon Panetta recently announced that the government of President Barack Obama will expand surveillance aircraft unmanned, capable of carrying deadly weapons throughout the globe.
This is part of a fundamental change in policy on the U.S. war. Accordingly, a large number of military personnel will be reduced in the future. The country will have fewer troops than that specifically declined from 562,000 at present to 490,000 people, Marine forces will be reduced from 202,000 to 182,000 people.
Unmanned aircraft to change the U.S. war strategy.
Newspaper The Washington Post quoted government officials said the spending plan will also be issued this month, in which 30% will increase funding for the fleet of unmanned reconnaissance, through cuts in troops.Under the new plan by the Pentagon, the U.S. military to build infrastructure around the world ready for deployment activities against other countries in a "war on remote control."
Development of unmanned aircraft currently account for 30 billion U.S. dollars in the next 5-year budget, and an additional 5 billion USD for 2012, to purchase additional equipment border patrol, spyware and antispyware message.
In fact, unmanned aircraft has contributed greatly to the combat effectiveness of U.S. for more than a decade ago. However, most people only see clearly its performance since the war against the Taliban in Afghanistan as well as the discovery of the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden.
The U.S. currently has about 7,500 unmanned aircraft, with a full range of sizes and ability to perform tasks.They account for about one third the number of aircraft currently staffing in the U.S. Air Force. This number has increased greatly compared to the 1/20 in 2005.
Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, Palestine, Somalia, Libya, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey are the places where fighters of the U.S. unmanned operation most often. We perform all the tasks from intrusion, spying, espionage or air strikes to destroy the target.
The unmanned aircraft of the U.S. military.
One other military sources said that the U.S. has built a series of air bases to meet the deployment of unmanned aircraft in Guam, Turkey, Ethiopia, Colombia, Korea and Kyrgyzstan. The flight will be controlled from Beale Air Force base, California, Wringht-Patterson in Ohio, Grank Forks in North Dokota or in Nevada and Texas.
However, unmanned aircraft of the United States has caused many waves when it is used widely in the border areas between Afghanistan and Pakistan. A series of mistaken shootings killed hundreds of innocent people have made the relationship between the U.S. and its allies Pakistan soured reputation but also makes this secret weapon to add the home crowd.
In addition, the site reports said the CIA is violating the airspace of countries in the Americas, Asia and Africa with unprecedented frequency. That means, no country that the Central Intelligence Agency CIA U.S. can not keep track and spy from the air.
The unmanned aircraft are used extensively opened up a very potential market for the maker of the famous battle of America. Immediately large corporations such as Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, or Boeing, jumped on to win investment contracts billion of U.S. government money.
However, political commentators said that the network build unmanned aircraft of the U.S. global war to prepare for the Obama administration stands on international law. It also violates the 1949 Geneva convention on human rights.


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