Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More than 560 tons of hair that devotees donate 5 months richest temple in India has been auctioned to the wig makers around the world with 25.6 million pounds .

More than 40,000 pilgrims to Tirumala temple in Andhra Pradesh, southern India, offered his hair to the god Venkateswara to wish fulfilled his wish. Newly published data showed that 561 tons of hair that pilgrims to this temple received from September last year were sold worldwide through bidding and bring it to 25.6 million pounds ( more than 800 billion).
Those hair down when the Tirumala temple.
The temple priests manager, said hair is divided into 5 categories based on the length and texture of it, then sold to the wig base made in Europe, America and China. The rest will be auctioned at the weekend. Wigs domestic market of India is very exciting because they are indispensable accessories of the Bollywood star in the course or as fashion accessories.
Tonsuring the Hindu temples of the most visited in India. Located 370 miles from the capital of the southeast, it has 16 halls to welcome the pilgrim has two halls which are used to help people go to church down the hair.Barber 650 including 60 women have to work extra day to meet the needs of pilgrims. Each person must make the hair down to about 60 tourists in a work shift lasted 6 hours.
Also huge amount of hair to donate, this temple was to "face" with a fairly difficult to solve other problems, such as bulk gold, silver, precious jewelry that believers offering daily. On peak days, the gold and silver they get up to hundreds of kilograms in the form of ingots, coins, ornaments .... In addition, a large amount of cash foreign currency, including those who take an offering to the gods.
To manage the huge amount of gold, the temple authorities regularly send their gold to Mumbai to cast into 22-carat coins, then sold to believers worldwide Venlateshwara believe in god. In addition, this temple also made a lot of charity work, including building schools, hospitals and food supply for millions of hungry people every day.


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