Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Miss Universe Vietnam Asia are constantly praised for good performance of the movements difficult. But the singer "Lust lips pink" grumbled cute pain.

Under the guidance of dancer Alex - who was accompanied in BNHV last year Thanh Thuy, Hoang My and Hristo has started training hard movements in performances offered his yard. Struggled early, but thanks to good resilience and endurance, Royal American has quickly made a circular motion. Although her performances are not really precise, but Alex is still clapping encouragement to Hoang My compliments.Many times, he also jumped unexpectedly because "students" of his back quickly acquire such.
On the Hoang My, her concentration to listen to instructions from Alex. Besides, by Prince could speak and understand American English quite well so the two sides almost no difficulty in communicating. Beauty said in these days, busy with her hectic schedule, including exercise, take pictures, participate in activities on the sidelines ...
Universal jump 2nd season will air VTV3 on 18/3.
A few pictures of yesterday afternoon's training session and Hoang My Hirsto:
My Hoang and Hristo (black shirt) listen to instructions from Alex. 
Practice their moves first.
Hoang My look is very bright though she has no makeup.
An adventure with his music.
One of the many actions need to be the most emotional.
Also in the afternoon, Minh Hang had a meeting Tuesday with costar file 9x. As a young singer, she is also active so familiar with the vibrant dance, song competitions to prepare for the universal dance step , Minh Hang and trying to put much effort to have the impression test. According to her feet to the afternoon session on 28/2, see the hard work of Minh Hang how arduous. She works so hard to forget the action and made ​​a face when the body rotation. You dance so she is quite lovely warmth to both the user population in harmony with each other. Many people at first too, Minh Hang in Vietnamese language muttering his shield a bewildered guy dancers do not know, but who see her set up laughing.
View photos of the train in the afternoon by Minh Hang:
Minh Hang watching each movement of your jump.
Minh Hang smiling accomplish challenging.
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