Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The plot from a Honda Ruckus, David Nguyen's scooter is equipped with an extremely low ground clearance, large wheels challenging.

Bring in your favorite beliefs, especially for two-wheeled vehicles, Vietnamese-American boy David Nguyen has to manually "create" his own scooter "will not touch the goods," based on the original Honda Ruckus.
When asked why not choose the cars in the form of "classic" Vespa or Lambretta like (as well as the most popular cars are usually chosen to level), David Small said he was from a desire to own a car "bunkers" that no one, so he learned to dig around and the car to create a scooter of their own liking.
The car was seen as a David and his friends dubbed "Mr.Switches".
Share it on his car, David Nguyen said: "The car is really a big achievement for me. Since childhood, I grew up beside the car and try to discover their working principles.
However, once came across a picture of a Honda Ruckus in a magazine, I have determined to make a real difference scooter, beyond which the scooter can achieve " .
Highlights of this 150cc car is custom frame that David had to manually research and manufacture, clearance was lowered as low as possible, along with the cake "in crisis" behind the budget for the expensive car explosion and exhaust-made form of "snake tongue" is particularly suited to the overall design of the car.
David Nguyen party scooter "pet" her.
As a designer, but David Nguyen is always interested in the job especially with the "dust" as the vehicle.
This vehicle fuel below cost to set foot pretty funny.
Hood has been "plot" is almost entirely with stock headlight models.
Chassis has been redesigned with reinforced steel material, the lower chassis and stylized exhaust bend.
Oversized wheels commonly found on the large cylinder car explosion.
Mirrors are hung crooked on the handle squeezed drivers.
Close the exhaust of the car as the ankle and the back wheels on both wings and the front wheels (made of stainless steel).



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