Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A newly married woman in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India has awarded $ 10,000 for winning the struggle for the bathroom with her ​​husband.

Women are most affected if the toilet outside.
Anita Narre Shivram husband left home just two days after they married in May last year, because the husband does not have a toilet. 8 days after her return home, after Shivram agreed to build a toilet in savings and the help of the people.
Shivram said he can not build toilets at home because of lack of money. This man admitted that his wife just returned home when he used his savings to build a toilet and get some support from local governments.Thanks to this brave decision, a non-governmental organizations have reported $ 10,000 reward for her Narre.
"Unfortunately there are women who have to defecate outdoors. That's why every home should have a toilet, "she Narre share.
According to the  BBC , more than half a billion people still living in India shortages basic sanitation. The problem is becoming acute in rural areas of India, and women are most affected. Many Indians do not have the habit of using flush toilets or latrines common.
Under new government legislation in states like Chhattisgarh, within one year of being elected, the representative of the people to build a flush toilet in their homes, otherwise they will be dismissed. This new law is part of a propaganda campaign people build and use latrines, to ensure their own health. In addition, it also aims to remove the toilet habits indiscriminate common in rural and poor urban areas in India.


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