Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A fleet of yachts along with the ship "Titanic Italy" carrying more than 1,000 people lost power and was floating in the waters near the Somali pirates operate.

Yachts Costa Allegra are stuck in a sea pirate activities.
According to BBC , Costa Allegra ship was destroyed by fire in the generator room, causing power failures and stuck it in the Seychelles Southwest, an area often pirates appear. Coast Guard Italia said, lighting systems or air conditioning has stopped working on, while a backup generator is powering communications systems can also be deactivated at any time . Meanwhile, the towing ship Costa Allegra is a few hours on the move.
Costa Allegra in the same boat fleet with Costa Concordia crashed in January, 32 people died off as Italy.
As commander of the Coast Guard Italy, a French fishing boat has access to the current distress and can maintain contact with the rescue team, in the case of the Costa Allegra broken intercoms communication. He said that rescue teams will evaluate the situation when it was light, before starting to save the ship.
Owner ship company Costa Cruises has confirmed that the ship was stable Allegra and the situation is safe.The company said that they are communicating with the families of passengers and crew through the emergency contact number. Costa Cruises has informed the relatives of two thirds of the passengers on board.
Italy has the third official cargo ship and a fishing boat other towards the stranded ship. The authorities in the Seychelles said they just posted two towing vessels and a coast guard ship to the scene, but can not towage vessel to the ship Costa Allegra before 15h (GMT) today.
A plane has just arrived at the scene to inspect the situation and reported that the ship is not in danger. Costa Cruises Company notice, the ship sent an emergency signal when a fire occurs. All passengers with crew members not involved in fire concentrated focus on the regional board.
Most lights are turned off on the train, while a significant number of machines is provided by battery power.Captain Giorgio Moretti said a helicopter will bring fresh food this morning, because the kitchen on board are missing map processing.
According to Captain Moretti, operating companies have not decided whether they will transfer passengers to another vessel or remain on board until the ship was pulled to shore. There are all 636 passengers and 413 crew on board Costa Allegra, after it has left Madagascar on Saturday last week. According to schedule, it will arrive today the Seychelles Islands. The next destination of the ship's cruise in the Mediterranean is Alexandria (Egypt) and Naples (Italy).
According to BBC , Somali pirates are believed to operate in waters where the ship crashed Allegra, though they never captured yacht. On board the Costa Allegra with 9 members of the anti-piracy force to Italy.


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