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As predicted earlier, the automobile market early months of 2012 continue to face many difficulties due to the overall effect of the economy, the registration fee at the big market surge ...In that situation, many companies business car not that pessimistic patient advocates cling market, given that the potential of Vietnam's automobile market is very large and the current difficulties will pass .

Quiet air cover
Data from the General Statistics Office show that, in 1/2012, import of cars to Vietnam only about 3,000 units with turnover of $ 45 million. Over the same period last year, imports CBU 1/2012 has decreased to 49.8% and 55.1% in value. Thus, in the next 6 months ago (from 8/2011), imports automobiles always in the bleak situation in the average number of 3,000 units / month, only two in September and 12 of imported cars reached 4,000 units.
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Domestic automobile market is difficult
Many companies said the automobile business, gloomy air on imported car market recently is unavoidable because it is the changes have been predicted by a series of policy changes to the original vehicle the import (both old and new) apply from 2011. Specifically, a series of policies to limit car imports and consumption has been applied, which could be the tax two times higher prices of imported cars General Department of Customs (Ministry of Finance) applies. In addition, Circular 20 is applicable Ministry of Industry and Trade from January 6/2011 vehicles specified below 9 seats when the procedures will have to import more paper indicated, authorized in writing by the importer, distributor genuine or contract agent of the manufacturer. Papers must be diplomatic representative offices of Vietnam in foreign countries in accordance with legalization; must present the certificate of guarantee facilities, maintenance of eligibility by the Ministry of Transport issued new vehicles allowed to circulate on the market ...
Not only the quiet atmosphere on the imported car market, the domestic automobile manufacturers are less frustrated before the market quiet. According to the Association of Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers (VAMA), the auto companies VAMA sold a total of 4274 cars of all kinds in 1/2012, decreased to 60% over the same period in 2011. The decrease evenly in all 3 segments, including two for the car, sold only 929 multipurpose vessels reached nearly 1,400 commercial vehicles and passenger car units sold nearly 1,700 units. The decline of the market is no exception to the previous forecast by raising registration fees and registration fees for car number plates less than 10 seats in the two largest markets are Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi from 1/2012 (the registration fee by 20% in Hanoi (8%) and 15% (5%) in Vietnam has begun to be applied from the date of 01.01.2012).With the increase in charges, the consumer must pay a fee when buying a car is not small anymore, so many people would hesitate, delay buying a car.
In addition, in 2012 is forecast to be a very difficult year for financial markets tightening makes the business customer as well as hard to reach automotive consumers with loans from banks.Recognizing this, manufacturers, assembly and distribution in the country are beginning to implement stimulus programs, launching attractive promotions to attract customers.
Still optimistic in difficult
Mr. Arnaud Mourgues - Renault chief representative in South East Asia region, said falling purchasing power cars power is unavoidable, the difficulty of this market will last for several months and gradually more optimistic in the last months of 2012. In addition, the auto industry in recent years a clear benefit, rapid growth from the economic development of Vietnam, when the economy is slowly recovering, stable growth will drag on demand consumers, including auto market. Arnaud Mourgues He stressed that market demand is still there, some time, consumers will get used to and must accept the fee increase, when it would consider buying a car for their practical needs, it may be show signs of recovery in the last months of 2012, although growth may not be high. Also, with the growth of passenger cars, the manufacturer is hoping this segment, despite certain changes. Mr. Henry Hsieh, General Manager of LUXGEN - senior brand car Yulon Group (Taiwan) has the same opinion, saying Vietnam is a potential market with the number of people wishing to use cars on an increase, especially the passenger car 4 seats, 7 seats, so this segment will be more business focused.
According to Lionel Rouye - Auto Motors chairman of Vietnam, Vietnam's automobile market is quite interesting, open and competitive with the automobile brand from economical to luxurious. In particular, the requirements of Circular 20/TT-BCT car importer 9 seats or less in Vietnam must have a specified, or power of attorney are importers, distributors of major manufacturers ... have enabling the true distribution business, reduce and eliminate poor quality automobiles in Vietnam ... However, Mr. Lionel Rouye, Vietnam also needs to improve the transportation system to better meet demand growth in the number of cars circulating.
Thus, many manufacturers, car dealers remain optimistic, believe in the start of Vietnam's automobile market in the near future because they see the potential and demand of the market.


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