Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"China Girl" and not panic when a blizzard believe there are many telephone calls to her husband about her shock, dating musician Khanh application this morning.

Luong Bich Huu said: "I just had a trans-Vietnam tour returns. Morning before awakening, my phone vibrate continuously by a lot of media calls and friends are asked about on-line stir my information "robs her husband." Truly to fall left me both shocked and could not explain why there are rumors like that. Now I do not know how to answer about this by I confidently assert that a story made absolutely no story I pair with Khanh application and cause collapse of his family. "
When the reporter asked: "No, how can fire smoke?" Luong Bich Huu said: "This story is completely fabricated. I work with Khanh new unit a few months ago, reason why slander me by with him over a year? Further work is collaborative, I put a song in Khanh Application upcoming album, so we must continue to meet. I do not understand why the sky as slanderous story so. If I rob her husband about it is true, then I would not dare sit here to face with people. I believe the tree is not afraid to die standing. "
Luong Bich Huu said she was only working with musicians Khanh application is several months.
"Right now, I do not know all the process like. From time to time I caught singer do not like scandal and plenty to attract attention. Now, I met with the" from heaven "so I was worried would affect his career. my audience will think?" singer concern.
"I put his song recorded Khanh application is complete, but I'm thinking there should not remain in its own album. However, I think work is work, I recommend the ones that I have money to buy Application of Khanh song not beg for or where he is. But rumors will remain rumors ", Bich Huu said. 
Share phone intended for the couple to three sides Khanh an application, vocalist Dog said expression "What family privacy, they have to handle. We are all adults, so, I think them to think through things before making conclusions. Clearly, this rumor has affected my image and I need an apology. "


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