Friday, February 24, 2012

Up to 130,000 people braved the rain or snow, the cold of Moscow to the outdoors, expressing love and support to the incumbent prime minister, Russian presidential candidate Vladimir Putin.

They are the workers, engineers, doctors ... but mutually supporting them as a man who had no small contribution to the Russian powers back position after the Soviet collapse. They gathered together at a stadium in Moscow, show love and support to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.
Thousands of snow team support Putin.
Appearing before a crowd, Putin has used military and modernization of Russian pride as a weapon in the race to the Kremlin next year. "We are always ready to do everything to protect the interests of the homeland, not only for the construction work but also to defend our country. We are the winner, which was absorbed into our blood, we will inherit and transmit from generation to generation. "
Crowd support, Putin once said: "We will not allow anyone to interfere in our internal affairs. Do not deceive his own country. " Also in the framework of speech, the man worked as KGB commander, known intelligence agencies of the Soviet Union, warning of serious threats from outside, and put forward plans to modernize military to 2020.
Putin's rhetoric was all entirely to please his supporters. Leshova Tatyana, 53, finance director of the Russia Milk company based 110km from the capital Moscow has thousands of workers to the presentation of Putin."We want a stable country. Putin will help develop both the public and the country's agriculture, "said Leshova.
Although the participation of 130,000 people, but marches to support the current Russian prime minister took place entirely in the peace and unity. The banners that read "Putin is stable", "Putin's Plan is our victory," "I appreciate myself and I would support Putin!" ... Appear everywhere. It shows the power of Putin in Kremlin race next year.


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