Thursday, February 16, 2012

At maximum speed, tires $ 70,000 worth of Bugatti Veyron only take about 15 minutes, while the 98 liter fuel tank of this car will run out in 12 minutes.

Bugatti Veyron is one of the special supercar. Not only is super strong and commercial vehicles world's most expensive, it is considered the car ahead of its time with the technology has never appeared on any of the other cars.
The features of this car as the engine block for the W16 1001 horsepower capacity or speed up to 407 km / h (except the Super Sport is 431 km / h) is something that no one feels weird do. But there are still other interesting parameters that not everyone knows about the French super car from this.
As a leading car, but the assembly line in France, Bugatti Veyron only charge by 25 people, and almost without the appearance of machines and robots. All stages are done manually. 
It takes about 400 hours to complete a Veyron, while only a grille it has lost about 15 hours. Each of the Veyron has about 10 grille.
At the speed of 402 km / h, the tires of this car is just under 15 minutes. Also at that speed, 98 liter fuel tank of the car will run out after 12 minutes, with an average fuel consumption is 1.28 km / liter. When the vehicle reached a maximum speed of 407 km / h, it will "take" about 47,000 liters of air per minute, equivalent to the amount of air that one breathes in four days.
Veyron's fuel tank also is soldered in 8 days. Meanwhile, the car's fuel pump can operate 8 times faster than other vehicles.
Veyron supercar takes about 2.5 seconds to accelerate from 0-100 km / h, but it also takes less time than that to stop when the speed is from 100 km / h.
Each of the Veyron was divided into three distinct parts, which are coupled together by a bolt 14 made of titanium, each worth $ 100. When disassembled, the bolt is the inability to reassemble again.
Energy loss when running Veyron's W16 engine block in the most efficient enough to heat for 10 families in all winter.
Each of the Veyron is equipped with Michelin PAX tires without a special car that is.This tire is even stronger than tires for civil aircraft, and if you want to change tires, the vehicle must be transferred to France. This process would cost owners about $ 70,000, equivalent to the size of a genuine BMW.
Video tour of the Bugatti factory in Molsheim production (France).


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