Wednesday, February 29, 2012

One year after the battle of super terrible earthquake tsunami on 03.11.2011, killed thousands of people, the Ishinomaki area is trying for the reconstruction of the rumors have it that boggles are here spread.

A project to halt construction, fearing soul who died in March last year will bring bad luck.
Mr. Satoshi Abe, 64, said: "I heard a few people are repairing the grocery sick haunted. The dead are everywhere. City full of things like that. "
In some areas of the town is crowded each fishery, the signs of life are coming back, the house was rebuilt, reopening the business is doing and return to school children. But with about one fifth of the 19,000 people were killed by the disaster, few people think that things can return to normal.
Shinichi Sasaki said memories of the disaster 03/11/2011 and will never lose the memories that is responsible for the generation of ghosts. 
He said: "That day is going over in your mind. If you know someone who died, and death was sudden, you can still feel him here. I do not believe the devil, but I understand why so many rumors appeared in the town like that. "
An unnamed taxi driver told AFP that he was reluctant to stop at a number of areas in the town had been a tsunami in March book for fear that the customer is.
Another woman said she heard many people talk about running up the hill near the town as they seek to escape the tsunami.
Scientists say the story is quite normal that after a terrible disaster, because they also are part of efforts to heal social wounds.
Talking to AFP , an anthropologist-cultural studies Takeo Funabiki said it is natural and "man is always difficult to accept death, even though they are very superstitious, or scientists. A death died suddenly, not lying with eyes closed peacefully on the bed hands down because of old age, especially confusing to people.Many people have difficulty in accepting that and trying to explain it by the rumors of ghosts, and many other things. "


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