Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Russia has announced plans to modernize the Kalashnikov assault rifle (AK) with a legendary part of the amount of $ 700 million plan to modernize the armed forces of the Moscow 2020.

Rogozin, who oversees Russia's defense industry nhiep said: "We are planning a deep modernization of the legendary assault rifle Kalashnikov. It will include price to add removable devices such as flashlights, optical viewfinder system, a grenade launcher .... ".
New assault rifle AK-12.
Kalashnikov assault rifle AK-74 were suddenly removed from the shopping list of the Russian army in September last year. However, the Russian military authorities are negotiating with the Ministry of Defence to continue the contract after it has been AK comprehensive upgrade.
AK designer Mikhail Kalashnikov was built in 1940. AK-47 assault rifle is the world's most popular with the hundreds of millions of guns are manufactured and exported. This is the weapon is considered the most successful 20th century through firepower, maneuverability in combat, to caliber can be fired in many conditions and high precision. However, compared with those of current assault rifles, AK-47 and improved version of AK-74 has many defects should have been left far behind.
AK-12 assault rifle of the Russian 5th generation
After losing a contract to supply guns to the Russian army, Izhmash Corporation, a leading weapons production in Russia has decided to research and development of Kalashnikov rifles 5th generation known as AK-12. The design and assembly of this gun is the chief engineer Vladimir Zlobin Izhmash undertaken and completed the first form in 2011.
AK-12 and the auxiliary equipment.
Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin has visited and testing of new weapons are designed. It has the classical structure but reduced the fine details make the gun look more compact. However, its barrel is designed to accommodate the more than 20 ancillary parts such as viewfinder, flashlight, grenade launcher, more guns .... The design of the AK which is the traditional weaknesses have also been replaced as the lead department is tailored for ambidextrous, rifle butts and can be folded back into the transmission shock as his shot, lock is designed safety on both sides.
Of AK fire mode is also improved traditional in AK-12. Accordingly, the user can make the fire mode 1, 3 and the band members, instead of shooting modes as before. Ammunition of AK-12 has also been upgraded to carry 60 or 95 members who (in a circle), compared with traditional types of AK. In addition, it also has parts rack at the front, creating the spleen in the process of firing.
Firearm parts are also designed to have adjustable lengths to suit each user object. The barrel is made with very high accuracy, the mechanical parts for shot several joint bar or shooting improved to reduce vibration, shock of the gun during firing.
AK-12 also is designed to be able to shoot bullets from a variety of sizes up to 5.45 x 39 7.63 x 51 (mm).Size allows bullets to fire guns remain unchanged compared to the traditional type of AK. In addition, the AK-12 is also coated with anti-reflective material to light. Division of the AK-12 sight also improved the ability to ensure more accurate aiming.
Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin at the production AK-12.
The Russian authorities claimed, AK-12 is armed with a range of new materials fabrication, plating and coating materials, so most likely AK-12 will be very mild and consistent with the infantry. However, AK-12 is still being improved and tested to achieve optimal levels required by the Department of Defense. Most likely, AK-12 will again be staffing the military arsenals of Russia a couple of years.
Their reputation AK-12
While desirable improvements of Kalashnikov assault rifle was the Russian military authorities and the world waits, the Russian media to criticize the pride of the factory's largest arms Russia, Izhevsk. Despite the improvements of the AK-12 style with AK-47 and AK-74 easily be seen, but the Russian media that they can not pass the assault rifle M-16 in the U.S., or Israel's Negev German products. News Pravda.ruRussian recently published article in which the Russian press called AK-12 is a "fool".
The media response was immediately met with opposition from Maxim Kuzyuk, general director of Izhevsk.RIA Novosti quoted the head of Izhevsk, said he felt offended by the Russian journalist criticized AK-12 and disrespectful brainchild of the group. "AK-12 is not the map 'fool' as the media calls. It is a real weapon, "Kuzyuk urgent.
In fact, only a few pictures of AK-12 is posted and certainly very few people have access, research, or testing this gun, it is difficult to assess its real possibility. However, it still is an improved version of the most legendary firearms history, the strength of the AK-12 can only be asserted in the statement of the authorities or to fight.


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