Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A group of U.S. ship attacked by the USS Abraham Lincoln led the advanced medium through the Strait of Hormuz on Tuesday, despite stern warnings from Iran made ​​more than a month before.

USS Abraham Lincoln, on the payrolls of the U.S. 5th Fleet in Bahrain drills. It was the destroyer passed Cape St George Strait of Hormuz, the natural border between Iran and the Kingdom of Saudi Arab Emirates.This is where the transition to 40% of world crude oil and Iran had threatened to close if the Muslim countries were the U.S. and EU sanctions.
U.S. aircraft carrier to pass through the Strait of Hormuz.
The United States sent aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln Tuesday to go through the Strait of Hormuz in the context of rising tensions in the Gulf can cause consequences, by just over a month ago, Iran warned the U.S. not carrier back to the area, accompanied by threats of Tehran "are not used to say it twice."
However, Admiral Troy Shoemaker, commander of the ship attack group told Reuters : "If you listen to the powerful speaker of Iran, you may think will be very stressful situation. However, we stated that we just go through and we transit through Hormuz is part of a regular exercise plan by the U.S. military. Our actions to retain professional and flexible. "
Time, Tehran has not made any comment on the incident. However, if based on the response to that, Iran will easily guess how angry for the powerful group attack boats into the waters of the U.S. border this country.
Meanwhile, the U.S. 5th Fleet task drills in the Gulf with the presence of carriers with the advanced frigates on the payroll is always evaluated against overwhelming Iranian Navy. Also, two aircraft carriers and other warships have also been to the area, causing the strength of the U.S. became more overwhelmed. However, Iran's military power is often not considered and no country would dare to ignore their threats, even with the U.S..


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