Thursday, February 16, 2012

The specific parameters of the Galaxy Note 10.1 has not been announced, but more likely, this product will be launched at MWC 2012 conference held in Barcelona next, with a touch pen S-Pen to attached.

Note Galaxy 10.1 will be followed by the Samsung product?
Called Galaxy Note 10.1, this product will likely be a version equipped with Galaxy Tab 10.1 S-Pen stylus like a giant smartphone Galaxy Note.
This information was confirmed on the official site of the giant electronics company from Korea. Also, people still believe hunting caught an ad on Google to find an actor for the Galaxy product advertising 1.10 Note that the company prepare for launch.
The ad was later removed but people can still easily find it on Google cache. This is not the first time Samsung wanted to expand product lines using S-Pen pen of his. Earlier, in January, the marketing department of its products had hinted about the benefits of these products use the stylus and Samsung are focusing emphasizes maximum exploitation of the same product line.
Related to Samsung, most likely a long-awaited products of this company is Galaxy S III will not appear at the end MWC held in Barcelona this February.


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