Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The deficit of Suzuki motorcycles equipped with Ferrari logo LED light panel with the Ferrari logo and the "wheels" Lexan brand value of $ 10,000.

Look at the super motorcycles nicknamed "eagle", many people will think it is a product of cooperation between car manufacturers reputation of Italy Ferrari and Suzuki, but, in fact, this is a products completely according to the individual ideas.
The owner of a super gorgeous motorcycles, Mr. Carlos del Cid, is a follower of Ferrari: "Ferrari is my favorite car from small, while the Suzuki Hayabusa is the most powerful motorcycles on the market current school. So I got the idea that, why can not I own a Busa-rari (phrase combination of Hayabusa and Ferrari), a combination of world's fastest supercar and the fastest motorcycle the world. "
With that idea, Carlos del Cid turned to the airline of Extreme Kreations (USA) and immediately, the company embarked on building a Hayabusa inspired by Ferrari car for him. Ownership of bright red paint challenging, the Hayabusa is equipped Carlos Ferrari logo and LEDs on the front fenders affection after helping glow in the dark.
With that, the car's dashboard also plot a series of the Ferrari logo facing sink. Particularly, the saddle is brown leather with the word "horse reared" familiar Ferrari, backrest of the car is decorated with silver borders three colors white, red, green national flag of Italy. The number 71 on the backrest to be interpreted as a number have special meaning to its owner.
To ensure consistency on a super performance motorcycles of their own, Mr. Carlos del Cid requests from the smallest details such as bolts, screws, the broken radiator, brake clamps, fork tubes of the vehicle must be polished and chrome plated feels very luxurious.
However, the highlight of this car came from the "rim" Lexan $ 10,000 often seen on the cars huge explosion, "I see wheels that ad in a magazine. It actually fit a car in the form of rockets and I want to own a car like that. " Carlos said.
Other improvements include vehicle exhaust Boz Brothers challenging angling sideways instead of down the tail as the traditional, fuel filter K & N and Avon tires. Its owner did not reveal the power of this car but only the standard version of the Suzuki Hayabusa has enough to do any believers should aspire.
This speed demon (original) owners engine block 4 stroke liquid-cooled, cylinder capacity 1.340cc for 197 horsepower and acceleration from 0-100 km / h in exactly 2 , 8 seconds. The speed of Suzuki Hayabusa recorded a 305 km / h and the reference price of the cars in foreign markets is $ 13,000.  
Video introduction super Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle Ferrari style.


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