Wednesday, February 15, 2012

An Iranian man tried to throw a bomb at the police in the capital Bangkok (Thailand) yesterday, making him lose the legs, and four others were injured.

Police are checking a bag, at the scene of bombings in Bangkok, Thailand.
Police said the first explosion took place at 14h20 (local time) at a house in Ekamai area, the center of Bangkok. It is home to three of Iran has been hired about a month or so. Two of the victims survived, while the third man suffered minor injuries. He ran into the street, trying to wave a taxi. When the taxi driver who refused to welcome guests, the man threw at least one Iranian bomb to the car. The explosion also caused houses severely damaged.
Then the wounded man continued to throw bombs at the police, but ironically not fly away from the bomb that exploded near his person, claimed both legs of the terrorists. The man is being treated in hospital. Thai media said an identification card was found near the blast showed that the man from Iran.
A police forensic team examined the house and reported that they have to use tap water to defuse another bomb there. Thai authorities say they have arrested an Iranian man at Bangkok airport for questioning, but he is not known to be one of two remaining suspects or not.
Last month, the U.S. Embassy warned of possible attacks on U.S. interests and Israel in Bangkok. Also, a man was arrested for the incident and related to some documents found.
The blast in Bangkok came a day after two bomb attacks aimed at Israeli embassies in India and Georgia.Israel accused Iran and Hezbollah of Lebanon carried out the attack. However, Iran has denied the allegations.
According to the BBC , it is unclear the attackers aimed at anyone in the attacks in Bangkok, but the time of the attack and the relationship with Iran increases the suspicion that it may be part of a campaign be close coordination.


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