Monday, February 27, 2012

Thousands of people held hands to form a fence surrounding the center of Moscow, Russia, against the possibility Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was elected president next term.

The protesters have together formed a line 16 kilometers long surrounded the center of Moscow in the rain snow conditions. Many of them wore white tape like in demonstrations opposing the greatest decades in Russia took place several months ago.

Thousands of protesters lined up against Putin.
Opposition activists argue Yevgeniya Chirikova, "Putin can not win honestly." Based on the lines of people around downtown, she Chirikova said: "You see how many people here at this time. If we can prove existence of fraud in the presidential election, it will cause very strong reactions from people. "
The protest organizers said they have about more than 30,000 thousand people surrounded Historical Center in Moscow, including the Kremlin, the Russian center of power. But police claim the participation of opposition demonstrators at about 11,000.
In fact, the Russian people can not deny the contribution of President Putin in the past 8 years steering the country, followed by 4 years of continued dedication in his capacity as prime minister. He helped Russia regain position in terms of economic power and military lost after the Soviet Union disintegrated in the early 1990s. The former head of Russia during 8 years of the country decided not to respect the constitution and election after completing two-term, but always with a heavy heart of Russia.
Based on the march, it is easy to see Prime Minister Putin is very much the support of the people. The number of his supporters completely with the overwhelming number of supporters of the opposition. The Putin supporters marched a few days ago has attracted more than 130,000 participants, more than 10 times compared to what the opposition has mobilization.
Moscow authorities also claimed not allow outside forces interfere in Russian politics, while confirming that the Russians do not need any revolution at this time.


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