Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hack iPad thành iPhone 'khổng lồ'Applications "pirated" the name iPhoneIslam developed by a group of hackers Arabs can allow users to message and call on a 3G version of the iPad.
In the video posted on YouTube of his hacking group, said: "do not need any special software, all you need is the iPad was 3G jailbreak (unlock), the iPad your office useful features in the dream is calling and SMS messaging. "
Previously, this group has also successfully developed an application for permission to use features Face Time on the iPhone 3G. We release information on this application has not been announced, but the group also promised that it will soon appear on Cydia (iPhone unlocking a website) and ahead of meeting the global development WWDC (06/06/2011).
Video call and SMS on the 3G iPad iPhoneIslam application.



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