Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Zimbabwe man beat 15 rivals to win the title of the most ugly man in the competition for men over the weekend.
Austin Mbewe (center) photographed with "a runner" and "second runner-up." Photo: zimdaily .

Austin Mbewe, 30, from Bulawayo city, received a reward of 174 dollars and a blanket, in the competition held in the town of Beitbridge.
"I am honored with this win," AFP quoted by Austin Mbewe said. "I will always be the focal point of ridicule since childhood and now the world has looked at the inner beauty of my ugliness."
Lovemore Chonzi organizers said: "Basically, this contest just for entertainment, just like every other contest in the world".
This is the third time this contest Zimbabwe. The jury consists of all women. 1st runner and 2nd runner turn reward is 87 USD and 72 USD. In addition, each person also brought a blanket.



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