Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lộ diện kẻ đánh bom tòa nhà chính quyền ở Trung Quốc

Who made three bomb attacks on government buildings in the town of Phu Chau (China) yesterday for a man is unemployed, are pressing home their disputes.
Yesterday morning, the homemade bomb exploded at three government buildings in the city of Chau Phu, Jiangxi province in the half-hour, leaving three people dead and at least nine others were injured.News agency Xinhua quoted police officials said the bombs may be due to a 52-year-old people in the city of Chau Phu, named Qian Mingqi created. This man also was killed in an explosion. However, officials of Jiangxi Province and the city of Phu Chau said they could not confirm this information.  Xinhua said that Qian is related to a dispute over the demolition of their homes. On a blog site names Mingqi Qian, who wrote a message on Wednesday (25 / 5) that he would "act" because not satisfied with the decision in the dispute. However, officials have not confirmed whether the message is it's suspect in the attacks or not.



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