Saturday, May 28, 2011

Have you ever worried about the online payment gateway in not really add? Or you have lost the opportunity to participate in the auction the weekend hot product because no time to prepare thoroughly XU?
Cơ hộ mua iPhone 4 giá siêu rẻYou can absolutely rest assured that just the simple task, you also can load the XU and the participants for the marathon very hot product in the simplest ways. XU purchasing functions of SMS ready., To load XU account, you only need to send the message: Syntax: XU send to8768 . Additionally, payment gateway Vcoin also officially put into use.
Cơ hộ mua iPhone 4 giá siêu rẻ
XU loaded account via SMS
A further point of difference is impossible not to mention the emergence of a new feature in each auction of - The " bet "to increase the drama of each auction in Simply predict the exact number of turns of an auction bid is "True" or "Retail", the completely 1bidders chance to recover XU spent for that auction.
"Month of Apple - September crisis, in crisis"
Went half way, Apple in May witnessed some of the apple products are sold at a price bites last super cheap as Wifi 16GB iPad 2 for $ 178,730 contract, Gen iPod Nano 8GB for $ 6 14,080 dong, or is 2730 just to get the Apple In-ear headphones, and 2120 for the Gen 4 iPod Shuffle 2GB.
Last week's hot product is 4 iPhone 16GB (International) has charm captivated the whole world.Click and be a winner.



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