Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pyongyang claims no ties with the government in Seoul and will cut some military communication lines in the Korean peninsula.
Những cột khói lớn bốc lên từ đảo Yeonpyeong của Hàn Quốc sau khi bị Triều Tiên nã pháo. Ảnh: SBS.
The big smoke rises from the island of Yeonpyeong Korea after the Korean shelling. Image: SBS .

AFP led the Commission declared the Korean Defense (NDC) by the news agency KCNA published today said: "The army and people of Korea will never work with (South Korean President) Lee Myung-bak and the party. "
Spokesman also said the first step of the Korean military would cut the line at the east bank of information and close liaison office at the resort at Diamond Mountain.NDC also repeated threats "will act without prior notice" to fight the psychological war.
North Korea repeatedly threatened to target shooting locations of South Korean activists for the campaign leaflets at the border. South Korea has prevented their people to travel to Diamond Mountain in the east coast since the Korean soldiers shot dead a Seoul housewife in July 2008.
Tensions escalated between the two sides since March 3 / 2010 when South Korean naval vessels sank in the Yellow Sea, which killed 46 sailors. Korea accused North Korea torpedoes sunk their vessel, which Pyongyang repeatedly rejected. Bilateral relations seriously deteriorated in November when North Korea fired a cannon down the island near the border of two countries, as four people dead.
The two countries on the Korean peninsula is still in a state of war because war 1950 - 1953 ended with a truce but no peace treaty that was signed. according to vnexpress



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