Monday, May 23, 2011

MC xinh đẹp xứ Hàn nhảy lầu tự tửMC women's sports channel MBC Sports Plus was voluntary termination of his life when sown from the 19th floor of a building to the ground.
"Sun Ji Song killed himself in Korea as of 13h44 hours (11h44 now Vietnam) by jumping down from the 19th floor of the building Seocho-dong. The rescue force had arrived at the scene shortly afterwards and was Ji Sun always transfer to hospital "as the content in a police report about the death of Sun Ji Song.
Causes the death of a beautiful female MC is thought to be related to the scandal between her and young baseball players Tae Hoon Im.
Earlier in May, Sun Ji Song was very excited to inform fans that she and Tae Hoon Im dating a year and a half during the past. However, Sun Ji Song is not happy how long they have been surprised when the Tae Hoon denied information.
Date 7 / 5, Ji Sun blog: "My heart is very painful. I have three sleeping pills and drinking."
Date 21 / 5, MC Sports Plus MBC wrote the last words on the blog: "After this, I would stay away from the Internet. I'm not good at technology and did not know how to delete my account."
Sun Ji Song



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