Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Đeo 'kính' cho gà để đỡ đánh nhauA farmer in China has put a special type of glasses for his cock to stop them from fighting, after he lost 10 head per day because of the war death match. Zhang Xiaolong in Xiamen, Fujian Province, said that the aggressive rooster made his much harmony, since they are wearing a new accessory. In fact, this accessory is not entirely like a glass, just make sure that vision forward and make the flood did not see each other roosters. Since then, we must look to the two sides and become more cautious.
The rooster was wearing glasses to prevent them from fighting.
"I took inspiration from his glasses. I think if the vision of the flood barrier rooster, we will not see each other directly and not fight anymore, "he said Xiaolong. "This side dish is really very effective. It has helped reduce the confrontational battle between Mr. Cock network with each other. "


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