Saturday, May 28, 2011

Giấu xác vợ 10 năm trong tủ lạnh

An old man in the U.S. has hidden his wife's body in a refrigerator over a decade to be able to continue to receive payments of wives. The officials said Mr. Allan Dunn had committed suicide in August last year at age 86. According to reports from Hillsborough county police departments, while the tools to help transfer his assets to the Sun City Center Dunn on Tuesday (24 / 5), a woman discovered the bodies of his wife Margaret in the closet cold, in the hallway after the house.
According to AP , forensic tests show that this lady died naturally in 2000. The investigation revealed that Mr. Dunn became the guardian of her property in 1999. Margaret purpose is to hide the body he could keep his wife's allowance.  According to the Vietnam Post and Telecommunications


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