Monday, May 23, 2011

RIM sắp cho ra mắt máy tính bảng PlayBook 2BlackBerry PlayBook 2 is expected to own 10 inch screen, support 4G connectivity and email applications are built, will debut in the fall.
BlackBerry 2011 event took place earlier this month has passed without leaving much impression. To attract more attention of the market, probably in the autumn of this year, RIM will launch a tablet computer PlayBook 2nd generation.
Today, a series of pages in bulk technology news technology firms in Canada will launch this fall PlayBook 2 with significant improvement compared with PlayBook 1, includes a large 10.1-inch screen, support 4G connectivity and built-in email client, which features early versions lack.
BlackBerry RIM PlayBook first generation of formal date 19 / 4, had received mixed reviews together. Most recently, RIM has also announced to withdraw nearly 1,000 units PlayBook stuck error, which the user can not conduct the initial installation. However, sales in the first month of PlayBook quite impressive, with 250,000 units sold.



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