Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Google Nexus 3 rò rỉ hình ảnh đầu tiênThe first picture of the Nexus for 3rd generation mobile phones that are quite similar to the HTC Touch smartphone.
The third-generation Nexus is designed quite specifically, when the buttons at the front of the phone is completely removed, instead a large touch screen. Equipment is expected to run Android Ice Cream Sandwich.
Some hardware details were revealed as the camera is equipped with both front and back. Sample of Nexus 3 revealed parts of the CDMA network supports Sprint (U.S.) as well as HSPA + 3G networks for other carriers.
According to vice president of Google, Andy Rubin, the new Nexus phone will be sold later this year.Design products with new launches will give users an enjoyable experience on Android devices. According to the Vietnam Post and Telecommunications



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