Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Được hoãn xét xử vì quá béoA woman in England has been postponed for hearing in court, as she was too fat to be a massive pear shape to stand before the Bar. Instead of sitting outside the courtroom to hear the trial at a court in London last Wednesday (18 / 5), Ms. Beverley Douglas (43 years) be the judge agreed to move the trial to day. This woman said that as too fat, so she can not climb stairs and walk through a narrow doorway, which led to the defendant's chair.
Beverley Douglas defendants.

Previously, Douglas was charged thousands of pounds pocket money allowance, while serving as a bus driver and staff operating security cameras, from March 2004 to February 2009. This woman lives in South London, was embezzling from the Department of Labor, and Pensions, will face 13 charges in court.
Talking to the press, Douglas said that she would not comment on the allegations against him. Douglas is on bail pending a new trial on 7 / 7 in a modern court, with the back door and wider aisles. According to The Sun 


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