Monday, May 23, 2011

Cảnh sát Anh náo loạn vì một chú hổ nhồi bôngAfter a dozen fire mobilized helicopters, armed forces and zoo experts, the British police discovered their white tigers are "rounded up" only a toy. Monday 21 / 5, some people panic the police have a white tiger in the garden near Hedge End, Southampton. Immediately, a helicopter was dispatched to check and confirm that yes, that is a tiger in the area were notified.

Many people thought that the police and have them live a cage on the lawn.
Then, armed police were dispatched to the scene to prevent the animal close to residential areas. In addition, the experts at Marwell Zoo is also participating in counseling and is ready for anesthesia "animal aggressive." Along with that, an area golf courses have been asked to evacuate in case the Tigers ran in that direction.
However, when police approached "wild animal", they found that it could not move, while on the helicopter crew realized there is no heat from the animal, using a temperature scanner . Finally, new forces fell back to round it was a toy tiger in size as it is.
Cảnh sát Anh náo loạn vì một chú hổ nhồi bông
Tiger turns out to be a discarded toy.
"I fell over and they were clearly a stuffed toy. Images on television have thought that we are faced with a real tiger, "a spokesman for the force" round up "Tiger said. "This is a rare event and make the smile police. It is an object may be lost, but we do not know how it's in the field. It can also be a hoax by someone. " According to the Telegraph



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