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Điều đàn ông nên biết khi tặng quà cho phụ nữIf you never received flowers and chocolates from his men, though they are often expensive gifts, Eva still feel inadequate.
The men always gracious gift for the woman loved her. But not always man's ideas also coincided with the aspirations and preferences of women. So what women like and dislike, what women need and do not need?
Gifts "no reason"
Most men believe that women's gifts and flowers should only be offered on holidays, new year, on 8 / 3 or birthday ... But the gifts "reason" often makes you feel like you're doing mandatory obligation.Therefore, it is not too "excited" with this gift. But if you give her something, simply because ... want to donate, her reaction will be completely different.
Need not be gold, diamonds or expensive perfume, which can only be a souvenir or a tiny bottle of perfume. It is important that she feel that you are always thinking of her and want to create joy for her.
This is very important for women, at least in the early stages of a relationship. The girls will be delighted with a bouquet of roses and champagne on the table with candles, romantic in a lyrical, rather than a practical gift as ... the expensive iron.
The problem is that when a gift for her romantic in a poetic context, you have someone you love know that she is a woman, not a homemaker. And the ironing board only to find your secret desire: "She is the caregiver for his shirt." And so, she receives a gift but do not get any happiness.
These beautiful gift
Probably not once you see the characters in the film gave each other the gift box wrapped in colorful bow tie is beautiful, though that in your box may just be something very small.
The main reason for this is silly, but extremely important. So when she gave a gift, you necessarily should value the appearance of it. Let your woman manually remove the bow and joy. A beautiful gift is always a part of the romance.
Flowers and candy
Men usually only present this gift in the new request. For some couples, it lasts longer, even a lifetime.
Some men think that it is useless gifts. But in reality, the women never received from men of their flowers and chocolate often felt something was lacking, even when the husband / boyfriend to give them a more expensive gift and practical more.
Candy and flowers that you love the woman as a knight, and you spoiled, detailed attention to her. If you want to make a gift "has weight"? Flowers or a box of candy would be a perfect addition to gift!
Not always bring good things
Price of gifts
Many people believe that the more expensive gifts, then the woman will be more like him. Of course there are also representatives of women evaluated according to the man money, but it is not the majority.
If you give a ring or an expensive bottle of perfume when the relationship just started, a woman can normally alert. She may think you are "buying" her. And then your relationship will not be going well.
The reaction may be more intense if the money to buy gift to the family budget deficits too much, or that you have borrowed. There are cases where the wife was shocked when her husband gave her a gold ring. At that time he was unemployed, money is not enough to live in the family and her husband borrowed money to buy friends gave her a ring. Rather than thrilled with the gift, she was not talking to him throughout the week.
Money instead of gifts
Too busy man can give money to his wife and said, "You just buy what they want." This gesture can only do a few happy women - those who deliberately seek his husband has a thick wallet.
But a woman does not live for material benefits, she may feel hurt seriously. Turns out her man can not choose the time to go and buy yourself a gift!
You should know that "no precious gift that is precious attention." According to Women Online



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