Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Intel, LG tung sản phẩm 'độc' tại Computex 2011Intel delivers the largest technology exhibition in Asia Keeley Lake netbook tablet hybrid, LG also introduced the computer all-in-one is equipped with 3D display.
"He transforms" Intel Keeley Lake Monday.

Intel Keeley Lake borrowed ideas from "the transformation" Eee Pad Transformer, the computer table and a separate dock slim keyboard. All information about products have not been officially disclosed, only that machine to use Atom Z670 running speed of 1.5 GHz and Windows 7 operating system, along with several USB ports and HDMI port.
Intel, LG tung sản phẩm 'độc' tại Computex 2011
PC all-in-one V300 LG.
Meanwhile, a "big" in the village of technology, LG has put his first mark at Computex this year when the computer launched all-in-one V300 23 inch. Machine design is quite similar to the iMac, however it can display 3D content.
In addition, the machines running Windows 7, with technology transfer and DLNA multimedia video transmission capabilities thanks to a big TV WiDi of Intel technology. V300 will be launched in Korea in June, then will penetrate other markets in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. According to the Vietnam Post and Telecommunications



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