Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cậu bé tự bứt tóc đến trọc đầu

A rare syndrome that Max Sherwood, 11-year-old American boy, uncomfortable with bare scalp and pull themselves out of their hair.
Max syndrome trichotillomania, a disorder of psychological self-eclampsia causes a bare head and feather in hair on other parts of the body. Candace, Max's mother said, "I started pulling out eyebrows when grade 2, then stop doing it. When starting in 4th grade, I was shocked hair bald head. "
Worried about your child's condition, her parents Max went to a seminar about the disorder and to help your child knows to a hair club for children, an organization that provides hair for free children suffering from hair loss disease.
Max before and after the hair is replaced.
Thanks for the hair, Max has moved on 10/2009 hair and stop hair pulling him after just a few months.Ms. Candace said: "colloid attached to the scalp hair that Max can not be shocked."
Instead of her hair pulling, time Max pulled a rubber with the help and encouragement of her mother.Still, his hair pulling action can recur at any time.
Candace said she disorder that their child is suffering because he bored in school. Max also have friends in school teased because his head bare back.
Dr. Franklin Martin of the University of Pennsylvania said: "Most people with this syndrome and children with depression have difficulty in school. Hair pulling began in childhood and is usually caused by anxiety or depression caused. " This disease usually occurs in girls. To help patients overcome the disorder, necessary talk therapy or drug therapy, or a combination of both.



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