Saturday, May 28, 2011

Làm vỡ cửa kính, một cậu bé bị trực thăng truy lùng

British police have been accused of "overreacting", after sending a helicopter to chase a teenager, just because this boy kicked the ball broke the glass door of a house.
According to Orange , 15-year-old boy broke the glass of the house while playing football with friends in the back garden of a pub in Chalgrove, near Oxford (England). 30 minutes later, a helicopter were two policemen at the scene called to participate in hunting down the child.  The case was later recorded in police records as a deliberate destruction of property, in order to justify the use of helicopters to hunt down the child. However, they were people accused of overreacting to the incident "chick" is.
Pub manager Emma Arnold said she was amazed when he saw the plane by police. Arnold said: "It is clearly an overreaction, because this is just a small incident when the children may not kick the ball into the glass door of the house. I can not believe they sent two policemen and a helicopter to the scene. "
Meanwhile, spokesman of the police are still trying to justify with the explanation: "Thames Valley Police helicopter will not deploy with misdemeanors such cases intentionally damaging property.However, if the plane was in the sky, it can assist the police on the ground, as in this case. "
Recently, police in Southampton (UK) has also been criticized for not mobilizing the armed forces and helicopters to capture only a toy tiger .



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