Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cụ ông có 17 bà vợ chuẩn bị lấy vợ mớiAn old man who the Emirate Arab Unity, all 17 wives and 90 children, but is preparing to marry a new wife within two weeks. According to The Khaleej Times, Mohammed Al Balushi said DAAD (63 years) said that his ability to have 100 children is within reach. Two of their wives prepare for his birth in 2 more children in June."Next month, thanks to the grace of God, I would be the father of 92 children," said Al Balushi said excited. This man is 60 sons and 30 daughters, and 50 grandchildren.
He Balushi with children and grandchildren.

Al Balushi said he, his wife whom he married was prepared Rukhsana Arif, Pakistani. Upcoming wedding will be a big party, by His Highness Shaikh Humaid bear all costs. Al Balushi described his father as a "global", when their wives from the Philippines and Morocco. This man also said he will never marry a divorced or widowed, which are single women.
Each of the Al Balushi wives live separately with her children in luxury homes. Each house has a car and most of the room. "Currently, I have 17 wives with 17 families, all because I care," father "superior," said.
Mr Al Balushi each lost a leg in the crash in 1995. He said that he will go to Jaipur, India with a prosthetic next month and will likely find a new bride there.
His father, Murad Abdul Rahman, lived to 110 years old and have four wives and 27 children. According to Vietnam Electricity Emirates247/Buu


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