Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Quay được video về 'quái vật Bigfoot' trong rừngLocation of the Beast to the foot "(Bigfoot) seems no longer a secret, after a forest to be declared just recorded images of this monster in the U.S.. Woman named Samantha was back when the clip was walking through the park Downriver in Spokane, Washington, but she admits that no notice at monster shaped like monkeys. In the last clip posted on YouTube , we can see a huge creature, on his hairy leaves that are running through the forest, in front of groups of pedestrians.
Bigfoot monster running through the front walk in the woods.

According to Metro , can not say exactly what had appeared in the clip, but insisted that Samantha is a "beast Bigfoot." She told a U.S. news website: "Before this video, someone asked me whether I believe Bigfoot monster exists or not, I will say right away that I never believe it. But now, I'm not sure the answer because it seems it is real. "
Quay được video về 'quái vật Bigfoot' trong rừng
Close-up pictures of the Bigfoot monster.
However, not all people have the confidence as Samantha on the content of the video, as evidenced by the words shared on YouTube. "It seems it was a fake. Maybe it's a friend come along and wearing a monkey to go forward, "a nickname bensimps123 share. Tabitha501 together also commented that: "This video looks like a person trying to run as a mimic monkeys. In the slow motion, you can not see the look of this monster when he runs. This is a hoax. "
Same video recording is said to be "Bigfoot monster" in the woods:

According to the Vietnam Post and Telecommunications


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